Level 4 Team

The Anderson Gymnastics Center's Level 4 Team
has practices on the following days:
(of which they may come 2 or 3 practices per week)


The cost for L-4 girls team practices are as follows:

(2 days a week) $72.00/month
(3 days a week) $98.00/month

The 2000 - 2001 Anderson Gymnastics Center's
Competitive Level 4 Team
consists of:

When the season starts, click on one of the names
above to see how that gymnast is doing.
For now, if you would like to see how our
1999-2000 Level 4 Team did, click here.

If you would like to see a list of meets
the 2000-2001 Level 4 Team will be going to, click here

The Anderson Gymnastics Center also has a Non-Competitive Level 4 Team. This team is the last step before going to regular competitions. The girls on this team learn the routines and fine tune their basic skills before earning a spot on the Competitive Team. Their practice schedule is the same as the Level 4 Team as is the cost. We are not sure exactly who is making up the Non-Competitive Level 4 Team at this point. However, the following girls listed below are being considered:

  • Melanie Apple
  • Kayla Eddy
  • Randa Gore
  • Jenna Hedge
  • Courtney Layman
  • Jaleon Munger
  • Kasey Napier

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