The Boys Team

The 1999-2000 boys team currently consists of the following members:
Class 5 age 10: Nathan Goodwin
Class 6 age 9: Zachary Rupe & age 10: Chucky Bennett
Class 7 age 8: Trey Corple & Sammy Bennett & age 9: Jason Jones

The cost for the boys team practices are as follows:
(1 day - 3 hours) $115.00/8 weeks
(2 days) $76.00/month
(3 days) $103.00/month

The 1999-2000 competition season is over!
Today we went to our State Meet.
Check out how we did this season by looking at the Boys Meet Schedule.
If you are interested in how they did, just click on the link on the meet schedule page.
Good job boys! You all had a great year!

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