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On the weekend of June 30th-July 1st, 2000, there was a State Board Meeting and Clinic held in Indianapolis, IN. At this meeting, the Indiana Girls Gymnastics Meet Schedule was figured out. If you would like to see a list of the meets for the 2000-2001 competition year you can click here --->Designated Locals & State Meet Schedule

They are also listed in the calendar reached through the above be updated soon.

Some interesting information resulting from the State Planning Meeting in May, 2000:
State meets
This year we will be dropping the State team meet and replacing it with a Level 4,5,6 Fall Championship on December 2 & 3. Qualification into this meet will be very different from what we have done in the past. We will be taking in the top 180 Level 4 & 5 gymnasts and 120 Level 6 gymnasts. We will also guarantee the top 20 in each age group provided they have hit a 31.00 AA. The age groups are what listed in last years IN. R & P. The overall number, regardless of age group will be initially figured out and then we will fill in the top 20 from this point. The Philosophy of limiting the numbers is to 1.) Accommodate those that have the greatest chance of moving up a level in January. 2.) Have a workable number of competitors to be able to run the meet in one weekend. Teams will be required to commit to whether they will be participating by September 15th. At this time they will need to turn in a team roster including name, level, birth date, and USAG # . If USAG numbers are not in by this date , please still send in all other information. Failure to do this will eliminate your team from participating in the Fall Championships. Individual additions and deletions can be made although after this date. In order to track your gymnasts properly a mobility date must be used for the first season. Whatever level your gymnasts competes in after October 7th, is the level they must compete in at the Fall championships. If this level is different than what was initially sent in you must notify Ron Wilson immediately.

If you want to know what it takes in order for a girl to go to State, please read up on it on the Designated Locals page of the Indiana State Womens Gymnastics Website.

Listed here are the scores that a girl must receive in order to go to the Spring State Meets:

4 (6-8)
4 (9+)

Due to some interest in how everyone did at State this year,
you can now see for yourself by clicking on one of the following links.

Level 4 State Meet Results
Level 5 State Meet Results
Level 6 State Meet Results
Level 7/8 State Meet Results
Level 9/10 State Meet Results

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